How To Choose A Perfect Color Scheme For Your WordPress Website

Jun 7, 2021

Choosing a suitable color scheme for your website is extremely important as it can improve the attractiveness of your website and boost your sales and conversions. Another added benefit is that it will likely make your visitors stick around longer if your website color matches your niche and it’s easy on the eyes. If you can’t decide on the color scheme, don’t fret; this article will help you learn how to use four excellent resources and understand a bit of color psychology.

The color generators discussed in this article have a variety of features in common. So, no matter how much experience you have with design, you’ll be able to find a color generator tool that meets your needs. 

Color Psychology

Colors can influence human reactions, according to a well-researched theory. They also have an emotional impact on the actions and decisions we make in our daily lives. 

Your website’s colors are a reflection of your brand. You should choose colors to elicit a positive emotional reaction to your brand and products. 

Large companies invest millions of dollars in developing a solid brand image and identity for their products. They recruit experts to help them choose the ideal color combination for their products and brands.

Are you having a hard time figuring out the right colors for your website and don’t know which emotions to target precisely? Don’t worry, as psychologists and marketing experts have done quite a bit of research and came up with a way to understand colors. Here’s a well-known infographic that shows how colors affect our emotions and which global brands use them for their logos:

Image Credit: Huffington Post

Here’s a short color guide:

  • Black elicits a complex, stable, and reliable emotional response.
  • White has two main effects: clarity and simplicity. 
  • Blue represents confidence, power, and dependability.
  • Green evokes a peaceful, progressive, and relaxed emotional reaction and has a soothing, calming effect.
  • Red conjures up images of youth and happiness. It exudes audacity and self-assurance.
  • Yellow is the color of hope, warmth, and friendliness.
  • Orange has a fun, polite, confident, and cheerful vibe to it.
  • Pink is synonymous with feelings such as femininity, romance, sensuality, and affection. 

Colors need interpretation to work effectively. Your product, brand, or service may even have relationships with colors that may or may not fit with the ones you prefer.

Before you choose a color scheme for your website, think about the following: 

  1. Take into account which colors would work well on the Internet, as things that look amazing in print can look very strange on the computer monitor. Next, consider which colors you’ll use more often. Finally, contemplate what kinds of media you’ll be using on your website, such as images, videos, sliders, animations, and call-to-action buttons.
  2. Take into account the current logo of your company. If you already have a logo for your brand and other marketing elements, you should stick with them. 
  3. Think about the accessibility, as there are many people with visual impairments and can’t distinct colors. Your website should have good color contrast, so it’s easily readable.

Design A Color Scheme

Now that you understand more about the psychology of colors and how they affect people – you’re ready to choose appropriate colors for your website. We recommend selecting at least two colors that reflect your brand and the type of response you want to get from your visitors. 

Once you do, you can proceed further and use one of the many online tools that can help you generate color palettes around your colors.

Here are six excellent online tools we recommend to start designing your color scheme:

Brand Palettes

Being influenced by major brands in your niche is one of the easiest ways to design your color scheme. Luckily, you don’t have to spend countless hours Googling various brands and inspecting their color schemes. Bold Web Design built a convenient brand color palette tool for Fortune 500 companies to make this easier. 


Coolors is a fantastic color scheme creator. To create color schemes, simply press the space bar. If needed, you can manually modify the color scheme, and the tool also allows you to download generated color schemes and use them later if needed.


Adobe Color CC

Adobe Color CC, formerly known as Kuler, is a fantastic tool for creating color palettes. You can choose from a variety of color rules before spinning the wheel. Additionally, it allows you to change each color in the palette manually, and Adobe Color CC will automatically adjust the rest of the colors to fit the color rule. Color palettes can also be created by uploading images and photos. 


Material Palette

Material Palette, which was inspired by Google’s Material Design philosophy, allows you to create color schemes using design rules. It’s intended to inspire color schemes for mobile applications, but these color schemes can also be used for websites. 


Photocopa by COLOURLovers

COLOURLovers is one of the most popular websites for color ideas and inspiration, as they have some fantastic color scheme generators. PhotoCopa is one of them, and it helps you to create a color scheme from images. Additionally, it allows you to use their straightforward tool to select a color and create color variations based on that color. 



ColorHexa is free software that creates a color palette for any color you specify. It can generate comprehensive details about the color you’ve chosen after you’ve selected it. This includes hue, saturation, brightness, and other statistics, such as the percentages of colors that make up your desired color. It automatically generates various color palettes and alternatives, previews of colored text and borders, and different shades and tone variations.



Palettr is a fascinating color generator. It creates color palettes based on themes or locations rather than individual colors. Simply enter one or more terms that best describe a theme or place, sit back, and wait for it to find the right colors.

Palettr works by locating photos related to your keywords and then creates color palettes based on those images. 


Final Words

Finding the correct color scheme is crucial to any website’s success, 

and as you can see – there are several resources available on the Internet to assist you in getting it right.

When you’re first getting started, experiment with a few different color generators, and this process will assist you in determining which one better meets your requirements and experience.