How SSL Certificates Work At Skystra

Jun 1, 2020

As a tech company, security is at the forefront of everything we do. Security is never perfect but as a team, we do take it very seriously. We host data after all.

We are accountable for the data we host, so we include SSL certificates for free across our entire network on all hosting plans. 

What Is An SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) creates a secure connection between a website and the visitor’s browser to ensure that all data that passes through that transmission is private and secure. 

In simpler terms – all data is encrypted during communication between your website visitor and our cloud platform.

Why Is An SSL Certificate Important?

Here are some reasons an SSL certificate is a must for your site:

  • It’s a ranking factor for Google and an absolute essential for SEO and ranking on search results. Google has started putting up a red screen warning for websites with no SSL certificate to warn visitors the data transfer is not encrypted. 
  • When your website has an SSL certificate installed on it – a visitor will see a green padlock in their browser, which is a sign of credibility, so it builds trust with your customers and audience. 
  • No plain text should be passed from a website to a server, especially when transactions and sensitive customer data is being put into the site. An SSL gives a website a secure connection and all data passing through it is encrypted and unreadable. 
  • Accurate analytics stats and tracking, Google Analytics blocks all HTTP (non-secure, non SSL) analytics data by default. 

How Skystra Automates SSL Certificates 

There are 3 main things we do that automate SSL certificates on every single site hosted on our Cloud network:

  1. When you point your DNS to our Cloud, an SSL certificate automatically installs on your website within one hour. Our system automatically installs SSL certificates for newly pointed domains once an hour, at the 30-minute mark. 
  2. Our SSL certificates are free and always will be when you host with us.If you have any purchased SSL certificates from older providers, let them expire and put that money back in your pocket. 
  3. SSL certificates on your websites hosted with us automatically renew every 90 days. There’s nothing for you to do and there’s absolutely no downtime.

Hosting with Skystra means your visitors’ data is encrypted and your audiences see a safe padlock icon each and every single time they visit your site.