How Does Security Work At Skystra?

Jun 1, 2020

As a tech company, security is at the forefront of everything we do.

Security is never perfect but as a team, we do take it very seriously, as we host data after all.

Here’s how the security works at Skystra:

Security Software 

Our Cloud infrastructure runs on and supports the most current versions of PHP, MySQL and Control Panel software. When new version updates are announced, our team plans for them and makes them available automatically or within a few weeks of releases after our internal testing. 

Running on updated versions of software ensures websites hosted on our Cloud run on up to date software. 

Our Cloud Engineers keep a sharp eye on best industry security practices and announcements to make our infrastructure iron clad and your website safe. 

Proactive Security 

At Skystra, we’ve built a proactive security system which means we never react to security breaches but rather block them from ever happening in the first place.  

Every single website hosted on our Cloud is behind a firewall to prevent hackers and malicious requests from ever reaching them. Our security system sits one layer above WordPress, which enables it to block hacks, malware, and attacks. 

We use multiple techniques that allow us to recognize, block, filter, and prevent attacks. Of course, we can’t disclose all the steps we take to secure your websites (for obvious reasons), but here is a sneak peek into the security systems we have in place.

Security Components

  • Advanced firewall Our advanced firewall uses cloud heuristics and AI to identify potential threats, and is capable of defending against DDoS attacks, brute-force attempts, and port scans.
  • Web Application Firewall mod_security, our web application firewall is deeply integrated with an advanced firewall mentioned earlier that helps stop the majority of web application attacks. We also use an advanced Captcha system to decrease false positives and ensure real visitors reach your website and bots do not.
  • Malware detection Our anti-malware software automatically scans the entire filesystem for malware injection and quarantines the infected files.
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention Our system scan server logs and automatically blocks any IPs that show malicious intent (login failures, possible exploits). In addition, we have an extensive set of deny rules that allow us to block any known attack quickly, especially if they’re well-known exploits. 

Since we invest heavily in security, this allows you – our awesome customers, to have peace of mind. When you run a website, you want your attention at the front, with your customers and audience, and we make sure things are secure while you do it.

Hosting with Skystra means saying goodbye to bulky and buggy security plugins that slow down your site and hello to proactive security that works!