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How Does Security Work At Skystra?
As a tech company, security is at the forefront of everything we do. Security is never perfect but as a team, we do take it very seriously, as we host...
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How Skystra Takes Backups
Backups are a super important part of website management and are always in the ‘back’ of everyone’s’ minds when they should be front and center. When you work on your...
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How To Connect To FTP Using FileZilla
You can do just about everything from your WordPress Dashboard but sometimes you need to upload a custom file, WordPress theme or plugin manually to your hosting account. You can...
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How To Force HTTPS On Your Website
Skystra automatically installs an SSL certificate on your website for free once you sign up to our services. But even after a valid SSL certificate is activated, your website is...
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How To Redirect Your Website Using 301 Redirects
Non-Secure Redirects non-www to www Google Chrome recently started hiding the www portion of the URL, but if you want your website to work via instead of, you...
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What Is An SSL Certificate?
In this day and age, everything online is a target for hackers. That’s why having an SSL certificate installed on your website is a basic requirement if you’re concerned with...
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