Best Inventory Plugins For WordPress

Jul 26, 2020

As your online business grows, demand for products increases, and you’ll need to take care of various tasks such as maintaining stock, managing warehouses, keeping track of the delivery, etc. If you’re using WordPress or WooCommerce for your online or physical store, consider getting an inventory plugin to help you with this. Inventory management software is a must as it simplifies the process, helps with inventory control, and makes you remember everything you need to do on a day to day basis.

In addition to basic tasks, inventory plugins can help you promote and sell your products, manage customers, etc.

Let’s get started!

Katana WooCommerce Inventory Plugin

Katana is an all-in-one solution that allows you to organize your business from order fulfillment, raw material inventory management to finished goods, and sales orders. Manufacturers built this plugin for manufacturers, so you can add multiple stores, integrate well-known accounting and shipping tools, track inventory levels in different locations, and so on. You can set task lists for your employees, track available resources using the simple start -> in progress -> complete system.

Products and inventory are synchronized automatically between Katana and WooCommerce, so you always know the actual stock levels. By tracking the bill of materials and defined product operations, Katana can calculate your product’s manufacturing cost, which is a handy feature.

Price: $99 per month once the free trial ends (14-day free trial)


WP Inventory Manager

WP Inventory Manager is a free, open-source software that has a clean and powerful dashboard to manage and track your daily sales. It offers customizable labels, enhanced multiple categories, easy templating system, and for web developers – hooks, filters, and utility functions. The free version allows you to manage and store unlimited items, but you should consider paying for the license for access to support and robust add-ons for increased functionality. The plugin is compatible with all modern browsers, and you can configure specific permissions for who can add/edit the items.

Price: Freemium


WP ERP Inventory

WP ERP Inventory is one of the best WordPress inventory plugins on the market. The plugin automatically syncs with your eCommerce store, allows you to have a bird-view of your products (without going to each product separately), and manage your inventory and stock levels effortlessly. The plugin supports CSV format to export and import edited CSV’s according to your needs. You can color-code your stock levels for more comfortable reading so that customers can easily see if the product is available. You can also set the sales price, stock status, shipping class, tax status for each product, and variation right from your WordPress dashboard. It has powerful filters and sorting options and is GDPR ready out of the box.

Price: Starts from $79


Rapid Stock Manager

Rapid Stock Manager is a popular inventory plugin that automatically updates, manages, and audits your stock inventory. You can use its friendly interface to:

  • Manage stock
  • Set stock amounts
  • Set price
  • Set backorders
  • Set sale price
  • Set weight

.. for each product variation. It supports notifications for low stock levels, so you always know when to take immediate action. You can also link your Amazon or eBay products to track and update inventory on different systems. The plugin has powerful filtering options (product type, category, stock status, etc.), and supports searching by name or SKU.

Price: $39


Z Inventory Manager

Z Inventory Manager is a perfect plugin to manage sales, purchase orders, receipts, shipments, and more! It sports an intuitive interface to edit product information and stock status for multiple stores in real-time. The plugin has powerful inventory management for businesses of all sizes that do online sales, purchasing, shipment, and inventory transfers. It’s translation ready and has a low inventory notification system to replenish your inventory levels as soon as they get low.

Price: Freemium


Veeqo – WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin

Veeqo allows you to manage multiple WooCommerce powered stores, shipping carriers, other sales channels, accounting integrations, etc. It takes information from all available channels and puts it in a single location to easily manage and view your sales and inventory numbers. 

You can edit product information for multiple stores, control how much stock you have, and sync items from your store to other channels. Once you perform a sale in one of the channels, Veeqo will automatically update other stores.

You can manage, pick, pack and ship orders, and create product bundles right from the Veeqo plugin. The plugin supports multiple warehouses to track inventory across all of them and see which product is in which warehouse. You can also perform bulk-editing of your products and see a complete history of interactions.

Price: Starts from $156/month


WooCommerce Product Stock Manager

WooCommerce Product Stock Manager is an excellent plugin that allows you to quickly manage stock for your products and their variables from one single interface. You can easily set the stock, status, weight, product name, sale price, regular price, SKU from a single page. It supports per page product pagination, and you can color-code your stock levels to control how much stock you have.

Price: $29


In this day and age, the competition is real, so you need to find any solution that will put you on top, and scale with your business. WordPress and its plugins allow you to integrate and automate your online store features to enhance it and push it forward.