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Jan 21, 2020
How To Add DNS Records
Knowing how to handle DNS records is essential if you have your own website online. DNS records help you add subdomains, point your website to the proper IP address, manage...
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Dec 7, 2019
How To Create A Staging Site
What Is A Staging Site? Are you uncomfortable updating themes or plugins on your WordPress website when major versions come out? Seeing that red dot on your plugins tab can...
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How To Setup Email On Your iPhone (Apple Mail)
This article will explain how to set up email on Apple Mail on your iPhone. Let’s start! Settings Access the Settings button on the home screen: Tap the Mail button: Add Account Tap the Accounts button...
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How To Redirect Domain Names
The domain redirect feature is handy when you want to redirect visitors to specific content. To set up a domain redirect, it needs to be created as an addon domain...
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What Is An SSL Certificate?
In this day and age, everything online is a target for hackers. That’s why having an SSL certificate installed on your website is a basic requirement if you’re concerned with...
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