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How To Connect To SFTP
SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) uses the SSH transport layer to securely transfer files over the internet. To best guard your privacy, using SSH on Skystra is only possible via...
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Aug 3, 2020
How To Use 301 Redirects To Fix 404 Not Found Pages On WordPress
Whenever you update your website links or page URLs – search engines tend to keep the old information in their results until the search engine web crawler scans your website...
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How To Modify PHP Options
If needed, you can adjust some PHP options such as: max_execution_time max_input_time memory_limit post_max_size upload_max_size .. and more Here’s how you do it!  Control Panel Login to your cPanel control...
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How To Change Your PHP Version
Different websites require different PHP versions depending on software compatibility. We’ll always offer you a range of PHP versions for your site, with the most recent releases available with a...
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Jul 26, 2020
Measures To Take To Reduce Or Eliminate Spam From Your Email Inbox
It’s very likely you’re used to seeing or maybe being overwhelmed with unsolicited messages (spam) advertising fake medical products, adult services, dodgy loans, click for malware buttons, and phishing attempts. ...
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How To Create An FTP Username And Password
To create a new FTP account with a unique username and password, log in to your cPanel control panel. Click here for instructions on how to get to cPanel. FTP...
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Jul 6, 2020
How To Whitelist An Email Address
To whitelist an email address to ensure you always receive emails from it, login to your cPanel control panel. Click here for instructions on how to get to cPanel. Spam...
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How To View Your Website Metrics
Statistics are a great way to gauge your website traffic and learn more about your visitors. We provide an advanced statistics tool called AWStats where you can get website metrics....
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