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Automatic email account setup on Windows 10 Outlook
If you are using Outlook on a Windows 10 operating system – the cPanel control panel can automatically configure your email account in your Outlook email client.  Log in to...
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Email sending limits
To increase the deliverability of emails to various email providers, and make sure your emails reach the recipients, Skystra imposes certain email sending limits: a maximum of 200 emails per...
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Measures to take to reduce or eliminate spam from your email inbox
It’s very likely you’re used to seeing or maybe being overwhelmed with unsolicited messages (spam) advertising fake medical products, adult services, dodgy loans, click for malware buttons, and phishing attempts. ...
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How to create a domain forwarder
In addition to creating individual email forwarders, you can also forward all emails for a domain to another domain.  Domain forwarders transfer copies of all of a domain’s incoming email...
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How to create an email forwarder
To create an email forwarder on your account, log in to your NOVA Client Area, and click on the cPanel icon under Your Active Services section: Next, click the Forwarders...
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How to add Office365 Email records
To configure Office 365 mail on your domain, log in to your NOVA Client Area. Click on the cPanel icon next to your service under the Your Active Services section:...
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Sep 12, 2019
How to access your webmail
All of our services come with webmail included. When you subscribe to any of our services and register or transfer your domain name with us, you can create a new...
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Sep 4, 2019
Blocked or rejected email – error 550 explained
All email services at Skystra are on our EMail platform. There are no blacklists or rejected emails. However, if you do come across that error when using another service, here’s...
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Aug 30, 2019
How to fix “cannot verify server identity” error in IOS
When adding an email account to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you will sometimes come across a “Cannot verify server identity”. This is a harmless error and easily fixed....
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