How to access your webmail

Sep 12, 2019

All of our services come with webmail included.

When you subscribe to any of our services and register or transfer your domain name with us, you can create a new email address with it.

For example, if your new or existing domain name is, your webmail address can be [email protected]

Once you subscribe, you can sign into NOVA with the email and password you set at checkout.

From there, follow these 7 simple steps to get your webmail up & running.

1. Find your new hosting service listed under Your Active Services and click on the Manage button below it, in this example, you’ll see Business-Business Pro.

2. Under your Control Panel, find Manage Email and click it

3. Click on the + Create Email Account button

4. Put in your details, generate your password, hit Unlimited Quota and click the Create button

Congrats, you have now created your new webmail account!

Now that you have your new webmail address, just a couple of steps for you to access your new inbox!

5. Go back to your Control Panel and select Webmail

6. Enter your webmail address and password (from Step 4 above)

7. Welcome to your brand new webmail inbox, you’re all set!