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How to check for plugin/theme conflicts

Sometimes your WordPress website breaks without any apparent reasons or actions on your part. In most cases, this is a result of a failed recent update of one of the plugins or themes on the website.

Thankfully, it’s effortless to determine this by using the popular and official WordPress community plugin called Health Check & Troubleshooting.

This plugin allows you to disable all themes and plugins installed on your website only for you without affecting your site visitors. Then you can enable them one by one to see which one exactly is causing the problem.

Here’s how:

Log in to your WordPress Dashboard and head to Plugins > Add New, fill in Health Check in the top-right search bar and click the Install Now button:

Once installed, click the Activate button to activate the plugin:

Next, head to Tools > Site Health option and click the Troubleshooting tab:

Click Enable Troubleshooting Mode to begin the troubleshooting process:

Once activated, you’ll see the following message on your screen:

As you can see, all plugins and themes are disabled only for you in the troubleshooting mode, and your site visitors are not affected.

To start troubleshooting the potential theme/plugin conflict on your website, expand the Available plugins/Available themes sections:

We recommend switching the website theme to the default Twenty-Two theme and seeing if that fixes the issue.

If not – continue enabling your installed plugins one by one to see which one exactly causes the problem.

When the issue occurs, the problem is caused by the most recent plugin that you activated.

After you have determined which plugin is responsible for the issue, you should get in touch with the plugin’s creator so that they may fix the problem.

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