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Update Nameservers – Other Providers

Updating your nameservers will point your domain name to your hosting account on our network.

Skystra Nameservers

How to Update Nameservers

Although the process can vary slightly between different domain registrars, the general steps are as follows:

Login to Your Domain Registrar Account: Sign into the account where you purchased your domain.

Navigate to Domain Settings: Look for the section where you manage your domains. This might be labeled as ‘Domains’, ‘Domain Management’, ‘My Domains’, or something similar.

Select Your Domain: From your list of domains, select the domain you wish to modify.

Find DNS or Nameserver Settings: After you’ve selected your domain, look for the area to change your DNS or Nameserver settings. This might be under sections labeled as ‘DNS Settings’, ‘Nameserver Settings’, ‘Domain Name System’, ‘DNS Management’, ‘Nameservers’, ‘Edit Nameservers’, etc.

Update Your Nameservers: Replace any existing nameservers with the nameservers provided above under Skystra Nameservers.

Save Changes: Ensure you save any changes you make. Some registrars may have a ‘confirm’ step, so ensure you fully submit the changes.

Please keep in mind that changes to nameservers may take up to 48 hours to fully propagate across the internet.

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