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How to use SkipDNS to test your website

SkipDNS is a third-party service that lets you test your website on a new server.

To use this service, you need two pieces of information – your domain name and the IP address of your new server where your website resides.

Once you have the IP address, go to SkipDNS and fill in the IP address and your domain name and click Create:

Make sure to replace ‘’ with your actual domain name.

SkipDNS will then create a temporary link for you, and you need to click the Open button to proceed further:

Next, click Yes. Proceed with the proxy button:

That’s it! Your website on our servers should open in your browser so you can test it out.

Please note that SkipDNS service is not perfect and doesn’t always represent how the website will look once nameservers are updated (some WordPress themes may be incompatible with their method, etc.).

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