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View website metrics using AWstats

AWstats is a tool that analyzes server logs to provide detailed statistics about your website’s visitors. It shows information like which pages are viewed most, where visitors come from and which browsers they use.

You can access AWstats from your hosting control panel to view metrics for any domain name connected to your hosting account and pointed to our network.

1. Log in to your hosting control panel

2. Click on the Account Usage button

3. Locate your website’s domain name and click directly on it

4. The next page will show your website’s AWstats page, where you can sort reporting periods by month, day and hour. The most critical table is located at the top which shows your unique visitors, number of visits, pages, hits and bandwidth.

  • Unique visitors represent the number of distinct individuals who have viewed your website during a specific time period, regardless of how many times they visited.
  • Number of visits indicates how many times your website was accessed by users, with multiple visits possible from the same user.
  • Pages refer to the total number of individual web pages viewed by visitors, giving insight into your website’s effectiveness.
  • Hits represent the total number of requests made to the server during a visit, including loading images, scripts, and other elements of a webpage.
  • Bandwidth measures the total amount of data transferred from your website to visitors, indicating how much bandwidth resources were used to serve your website online.

You can continue to scroll through the AWstats report page to get summaries on a range of metrics collected for your website on your selected time range.

While AWstats can offer valuable insights into your metrics, you should also consider using Google Analytics for a number of reasons:

  • User Behavior Insights: Google Analytics provides deeper insights into user behavior, journey mapping, and on-page interactions, which the AWstats software may not capture in detail.
  • Integration with Advertising: Google Analytics integrates with advertising platforms like Google Ads, enabling tracking of campaigns and ROI.
  • Real-time Data & Advanced Segmentation: Google Analytics offers real-time data tracking and the ability to segment users based on a variety of factors, giving more granular insights into visitor demographics and behavior.
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