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Manage PHP options

PHP options are settings that determine how website code behaves, like setting limits on how long a script runs or how many inputs it can manage.

PHP options come pre-configured for each PHP version on your hosting account, keep in mind that editing the PHP options on one PHP version will only apply it to that specific one, and each one will have to be edited separately, if required.

You can edit PHP options from your hosting control panel.

1. Log in to your hosting control panel

2. Click on the Select PHP version button

3. Click on the Options tab.

4. When you scroll down, you will see various options available to edit. By hovering over each PHP option, you will get a popup that includes a description of what it edits. You can also view the quick summary below.

  • max_execution_time: Sets the maximum duration a script can run before it’s terminated.
  • max_input_time: Determines how long a script can spend processing input data, like form submissions
  • max_input_vars: Specifies the maximum number of variables a script can accept, often from form submissions
  • memory_limit: Allocates the maximum amount of memory a script can use while executing
  • post_max_size: Defines the maximum size of data that can be sent via the POST method
  • upload_max_size: Sets the maximum file size allowed for uploads to the server

5. To edit a option, clicking on the field and/or dropdown next to it, enter or select a new numeric value and then click on the main screen (outside the edited field) to save changes. You will see three blue bubbles appear as a visual to show your changes are being saved once you click on the main screen.

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