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Create an email address

You can create an email address for any domain name connected to your hosting account and pointed to our network.

1. Log in to your hosting control panel

2. Add and/or confirm your domain name has been added to your hosting control panel

3. Click on the Email Accounts button

4. From the top right, next to the Domain: field, click on your domain name and select the domain name you want to create an email account for

5. Click on + Create Account

6. In the Username field, type in your email prefix (this is what comes before the @ symbol in your email address)

7. In the password field, generate a new password and/or input your own. If generating one, click the dice ⚁ ⚁ on the left hand side and the system will generate one for you. Then, click on the eye icon to the right 👁️ to reveal it. Note down your password somewhere safe or in your password manager and then click the Create Account button.

8. You will get a popup with your email account login credentials. You will also see your POP/IMAP settings that you can use to connect your email address across email apps (Apple Mail, Gmail, Outlook) using IMAP on your devices.

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