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Enable ID protection (domain privacy)

ID protection, often called domain privacy, masks your personal information from public domain records (i.e.,WHOIS records). This means when someone looks up who owns your domain, they won’t see your personal details, keeping you safe from unsolicited contact, potential spam and fraud.

You can enable ID protection on domain names registered and held in your Skystra portal.

The majority of domain extensions allow for ID protection, however certain authorities place restrictions on certain extensions or come with ID protection enabled by default. If ID protection is available on your domain name extension type, it will be available for order in your Skystra portal.

1. Log in to your Skystra customer portal
2. Click on Domains from the top menu
3. Locate your domain name and click the 3 dots … to the right of it
4. Click on Manage Domain from the dropdown

5. Click on the Addons button

6. Click the Order button on the ID Protection square

7. Click the Buy Now button and checkout

8. Your domain name will have ID protection (domain privacy) enabled automatically.

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