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Manage TXT records

A TXT record is a type of DNS record that lets you add text notes into your domain’s DNS settings, which can be used to provide information to outside sources. This can be handy for things like verifying domain ownership or implementing email security measures like SPF and DKIM.

You can manage TXT records from your hosting control panel if you are using the Skystra nameservers on your domain name. However, if you are using an external DNS and/or CDN provider (Cloudflare, etc.) on external nameservers – your TXT records would managed at that provider.

Edit existing TXT record

1. Log in to your hosting control panel

2. From the top menu, next to the Domain: field and select the domain name you want to manage

3. Click on the DNS Zones button

4. You will see a series of TXT records listed (look for TXT under the Type column, these are TXT records). Please keep in mind that TXT records can be unique to each hosting account and the image below is simply an example.

5. To edit an existing TXT record, click on the pencil icon to the right-hand side and edit the entry in the Value field

6. To add a new TXT record, click the Add Record button, select TXT from the Record Type dropdown, type in the Name and TXT entry in the Value field, then click the Add button

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