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Enable DMARC on domain name

DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) is a system that helps protect your domain name from being used for phishing or spam. By setting DMARC policies, you tell email servers how to handle messages that don’t meet authentication standards, ensuring only legitimate emails from your domain reach recipients.

You can enable and create a DMARC record on domain names from your hosting control panel.

1. Log in to your hosting control panel

2. From the top menu, next to the Domain: field and select the domain name you want to manage

3. Click on the DNS Zones button

4. Click on the Add Record button

5. On the Add Record popup, select these fields only:

  • On the Record Type field: Click the ▼ to reveal the dropdown, scroll down and select TXT
  • On the TXT Record Type field: Click the ▼ to reveal the dropdown and select DMARC

6. A new popup will generate, with everything filled out for you, click on the Add button

7. On your DNS zone page, you will now see a DMARC entry called _dmarc

If your domain name is pointed to our network via the Skystra nameservers , you can stop here, DMARC has been enabled on your domain name.

If you are using an external DNS and/or CDN provider (Cloudflare, etc.) – you have to add your created DMARC record as a DNS entry at that provider to have it enabled on your domain name. Continue and complete Steps 8-13.

8. Keep your browser window open on your DNS zone in your hosting control panel

9. Open a new browser window, and log in to your external DNS and/or CDN customer portal account

10. Go to manage the DNS zones for your domain name and select to add a new TXT record (DMARC records are added as TXT records in DNS zones)

11. Enter the name of the DMARC record, which will always be: _dmarc

12. Enter the content of the DMARC record, indicated under the Value column, next to the _dmarc entry. For example, from the screenshot above, the entire DMARC value would be:


Important: You will see your DMARC recorded on your hosting control panel indicated within quotations ” ” – do NOT put these quotations in when inputting the content of your DMARC record at your DNS/CDN provider.

13. Save your TXT record to enable DMARC on your domain name at your DNS/CDN provider

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