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Develop and deploy with one click

Update your content safely


Maintain your dynamic website's content safely with our WordPress staging tool. Create your content on a fully separate WordPress and when you're ready, push it live.


Never test your changes on your live production site. Our staging platform gives you the ability to test all of your changes on an exact copy of your live site.


When you're happy with the changes you've made and the content you edited, deploy your changes to your live website with just one click.

Core Staging Features



Create your new staging site with just one click. Your entire website and its functionality is duplicated so you can work on it and show it to the world when you're ready.

Full WordPress

Your staging site is an exact copy of your existing live website. That means access to your entire WordPress, plugins and themes, along with all content and images are available on staging.

Replicated Settings

Our WordPress platform keeps all your settings intact between your live site, and your staging website. That also includes caching, and all web hosting variables. Test your website on production infrastructure.


Try before you buy

Staging lets you experiment and try out various updates and changes across your WordPress website. It's a lot like a product trial. You make the changes, and if you don't like them, no problem, you can revert the changes and your live site is never affected.


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