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Business class email that syncs across all of your devices 

Business class email that just works.


Your emails will sync across all of your devices. Your computer, mobile phone, laptop and tablet will all be synced up at all times. Your email, everywhere you go.


Industry-leading anti-malware and anti-virus systems scan every incoming and outgoing email to keep you and your data safe.


Get your email setup in seconds across all of your devices. Send and receive email within seconds of subscribing.

Core Email Features

Main Features


Sync email across your devices and operating systems. Whether you prefer to check on desktop computer, mobile, tablet (or all of them at once), you can always check your email. Sync on as few or many devices as you like to stay on top of your inbox.


Share events with your team. Create recurring events. Set up important reminders for yourself or groups. Make sure you always make it on time to your important meetings and send out reminders for people to stay on top of things! An organized calendar is one of the first steps to success.


Access your email on our global Webmail platform. No setup needed. Just login and all of your email will be right there for you, no matter where you are in the world, or the device you're using. Email that just works, wherever you are.


Easy email

Get email on all of your devices. Our cloud platform lets all of your devices connect to check and write email from anywhere and any device. Just plug a few settings in and your email will be on your device within seconds.


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Our Email platform is compatible with nearly all devices. From iPhones to Android mobile phones, iPads and tablets. It’s your choice!

Absolutely! Outlook is one of the most used email applications in the world. Our email service works great on Outlook.

Yes. Our email platform will use your domain name to create email addresses that are custom to you.

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