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Private ID

All domain names registered or transferred to Skystra have the option of Whois protection. Protect you data from public records.


Register your new domain in just a few seconds. And a few seconds after that, your new domain name is online.


Once you find your perfect domain, lock it down to prevent unauthorized transfers. Unlock it for transfers at anytime.

Online Presence

Connect your Domain Name

Connect your new domain name with 1-click to our WordPress plans or WooCommerce plans.

Need email only? Start sending with our Email plans.


Our customers are the reason we exist and can run our business. Our reputation for customer service and our relentless focus on our customers is well known and recognized across the industry.


We know Web Services. Our team are true experts at the online world. Each member of our team are industry veterans that are knowledgeable about web services and great technology.

Core Features

Domain Names

Private ID Protection

All domain names registered or transferred over to our web services platform come with 1-click private ID protection to keep your public information private and spammers far away.

Your website is public, your information isn't.


Locked for Protection

Your domain name is instantly locked to your account and is protected against unauthorized use or transfers. You'll get an easy dashboard to unlock any domain you need to for easy management.

Locking your domain name is the best way to prevent it from ever getting it stolen.

1-Click Connect

Connect your existing domain name or register a new one with us and get your domain name connected to your website and online presence in minutes. Our dashboard lets you easily manage DNS zone records for all of your connected domain names.

You can connect nearly any type of domain name to the Skystra Web Services platform.

Simple Management

Easily manage all of your domain names from one dashboard including your nameservers. Manage your online presence with a few simple clicks on a clean and intuitive platform.

It's easy to manage everything when it's all in one place.

Global Infrastructure

Global Network For Your Website


11 Regions

Our infrastructure spans 11 regions globally. New regions added frequently.


Renewable Energy

Our infrastructure is carbon neutral with a goal of fully renewable energy.


532,915 Websites

Over 500,000 websites trust our hosting platform to deliver content.


1.1 seconds

It takes only 1.1 seconds on average for a website to fully load on our platform.

Trustpilot Customer Reviews

Read What Our Customers Say

Jennifer Coughlan
8 months ago
2 Blogs on Skystra
Moved my two blogs to them from my old host who was trying to charge me 300% what I had originally paid. Got a way better deal and they did the migration for me, happy new customer here!
Paul Finch
8 months ago
A nightmare scenario solved by Skystra
I was having a nightmare with my last host. Email down for days at a time, forwarders to Microsoft blacklisted, sites constantly timing out, and slow service. After waiting 3 days to get a response to my support ticket I took to Twitter to hurry my ticket along. A Skystra representative tweeted me and that night I started to migrate 30 sites with various email configurations. I had been searching for weeks for a new host but I never found a balance of price, performance, SSL, and onboarding. 6 months later I am delighted with my package, all sites have never worked as fast even sites with multiple WooCommerse products. The position I was in prior to Skystra was very stressful and I cannot thank them enough for their diligence, efficiency,... Read More »
6 months ago
My Skystra review
My WordPress went belly up after I updated it. I have 6 years of content there, so imagine how I felt in that moment. I contact the guys at Skystra, and they helped fix it within the hour.
Elena Stojanovska
6 months ago
Stable Website Hosting
I've been happy with Skystra generally their ticket support is quite fast and my website has no problems at all. Once my site went offline because of a plugin they actually helped me to fix it, I am grateful. Thank you so much!
9 months ago
Solid team solid service
Solid team solid service, site is always up!
11 months ago
Skystra Hosting review
Really awesome team and hosting...everything really sucked at my old host Site ground and a guy from Skystra's support team reached out on Twitter, they moved my sites for free and they go way faster now...they also answer my questions so that's nice too
11 months ago
For my blog about travel and family they are very very good!!
Julia Gimenez
11 months ago
Skystra saved the day!!!
They are so awesome and moved my blog for me which removed all the stress I had when initially looking for a new provider...thank you Skystra and Emily who reached out with the offer 🙂
Timothy Budinski
1 year ago
Skystra saved the day!!!
I keep my client sites with Skystra. I try other hosts from time to time to see what’s out there, but never with my client sites. So far, I haven’t been impressed with another host enough to move a client site over to them. Kudos to Skystra
1 year ago
My site
I found out about Skystra on Twitter and started building my site on their service, I haven’t put up all my new work yet, but the stuff that’s there works!
Daniel Libinsky
9 months ago
happy with them
happy with them

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a domain name?

A domain name is essentially a website name, what people type into the computer to find you online. The simplest way to understand a domain name is to think of it as a contact in your phone. Very rarely does anyone remember the phone number attached to contacts, but they sure do know the name. Your domain name is your contact on the Internet, it's how people can find you! Domain names are unique and no two people can own the same domain name which allows you to really brand yourself online.

How do I register a new domain name with Skystra?

Search for a new domain, and register it. It's that easy!

How do I transfer a new domain name to Skystra?

Transferring a domain name over is very easy. The first thing you'll need to do at your current registrar is unlock your domain and get the domain transfer code. The domain transfer code has several different names depending on the registrar, such as:
  • EPP code
  • Auth code
  • Transfer code
Once you have your domain name unlocked and domain transfer code ready to go, you'll be able to transfer your domain name over!

How do I know if a domain name is available?

You can search for a new domain name in the search bar at the top of this page, if the domain name you type in is available, you'll be automatically redirected to our domain registration page to get your new website name registered! If the domain name you searched for is unavailable, our system will show you alternative you might like or you can continue searching for a new one until you find the perfect one that's available to register!

How long should my domain name be?

Domain names should be at least 2 characters long and cannot exceed 56 characters. You can register letters, numbers and dashes, however no special characters. As a rule of thumb, you should aim to keep your domain name a few vowels at most and pertinent to your personal or business brand.

How do I connect my domain to a website?

When you register a domain name along with any of our web services, it will automatically connect your domain name to your website, email or both. If you have a domain name registered elsewhere, our Onboarding team will help you connect or transfer your domain name to any of our web services so that you can start building your online presence.

Can I get help with my domain name from Skystra?

Of course! Your website and online presence are online 24/7, 365 days and so is our support team. You can reach out to our Domains support team on our HelpDesk day or night, around the clock, every single day of the year. We can answer any domain name questions you have.