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Websites on our Cloud Hosting service load in seconds. Scale your website with your traffic, and always have a fast, quick loading website.


Cloud Hosting means dedicated resources. Your high traffic website gets its own allocation of CPU & Memory resources, dedicated solely to your account.

World-Class Service

Our promise to you is that we will always be there to answer your questions and to help out whenever you need us. We are your team.

Cloud Plans

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    Dedicated Resources

    $ 49.89 / month

    Discount Applied. You are saving $360.00

    4 CPU Cores
    8 GB Memory
    4 CPU Cores
    8 GB Memory
    Unlimited Websites
    Unlimited SSD Storage
    Unmetered Bandwidth
    Unlimited Email Addresses
    Free SSL Certificate
    Free WordPress Migration
    Free CDN


    Optimized For High Traffic

    $ 68.89 / month

    Discount Applied. You are saving $612.00

    6 CPU Cores
    12 GB Memory
    6 CPU Cores
    12 GB Memory
    Unlimited Websites
    Unlimited SSD Storage
    Unmetered Bandwidth
    Unlimited Email Addresses
    Free SSL Certificate
    Free WordPress Migration
    Free CDN

    SSH Access


    High Traffic At Scale

    $ 98.89 / month

    Discount Applied. You are saving $852.00

    8 CPU Cores
    16 GB Memory
    8 CPU Cores
    16 GB Memory
    Unlimited Websites
    Unlimited SSD Storage
    Unmetered Bandwidth
    Unlimited Email Addresses
    Free SSL Certificate
    Free WordPress Migration
    Free CDN

    SSH Access
    Advanced Security

    Core Features

    Cloud Plans

    Dedicated Technology

    We’ve deployed Dedicated Resources allocation technology across our entire infrastructure for all Cloud plans. WordPress websites moved over to our Cloud Hosting platform see a boost in performance of up to 157%

    Built in scale and resource allocation means your high traffic sites will enjoy quick loading times, improved page speed scores, and sustain an increase in website visitors. 

    High Performance

    Speed is everything and our Cloud plans deliver for your sites. From high traffic blogs to busy Ecommerce sites, our Business Hosting platform will deliver in performance.

    WordPress websites that are hosted on our Cloud Hosting platform see a loading time of under 1.1 seconds on average. That's nearly a full second faster than other platforms. 

    Speed matters.

    cPanel Control Panel

    Our Cloud plans give you the full industry leading cPanel toolset to build, manage and scale your website, email and online presence. 

    Access and manage your website files, email accounts, traffic stats, analytics and much more within cPanel. 

    Managing your WordPress website is easy.

    Free SSL Certificate

    All services on Skystra come with free and automatically installed SSL certificates. Full end-to-end encryption between your website and your website visitors, included on all websites.

    You'll get a padlock automatically on all of your sites hosted with us. Your visitors will know their data is secure with you.

    We firmly believe end-to end encryption and data safety are fundamental rights, and provide those for free on our web services platform. 

    Dedicated Resources

    All of our Cloud plans come with dedicated resources to run your high traffic  WordPress websites. That means you will get your own CPU & Memory allocation on our infrastructure dedicated solely to run and host your websites.

    Dedicated resources means enhanced scalability, performance and connectivity for your high traffic WordPress websites.


    As your WordPress website grows in traffic. our Web Services platform makes it easy for you to increase the resources allocated to your account. to give you more processing power to scale your site. No downtime required to scale up, you can upgrade in a few clicks.

    Having a busy website is a great thing. Power it with the scale it needs to continue growing.

    Enhanced Cloud Options

    WordPress Management

    Go Fast

    Premium Caching

    Give your website a boost with up to a 125% performance increase to its loading times. 


    Your WordPress website will be cached, making it fast and quick to load.


    Our caching systems helps optimize basic code functions, speeding up your WordPress website,

    Extra Cloud Tools


    Backup Your Data

    Daily Backups

    Keep a safe backup of all of your website and email data. Backups are stored daily by our web services platform. Multiple versions of these backups exist, and you have access to restore any of these revisions with just a few clicks. 


    Our backups take a snapshot every day of your website, its files and database. You get up to 14 daily restore points to select from if you ever need them.


    The backup service our platform provides stores all daily backups and their revisions in a fully separate geographical region for safekeeping and security.

    Protect Your Website

    Advanced Security

    Protect your website from hackers before they can even connect to it. Our web application firewall uses a hybrid Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Networking model to detect new threats and block them from ever hacking your website. 


    Threats are constantly evolving. Hackers are always looking for a door into your data. Our firewall prevents those attempts from ever reaching your website.


    Our systems scan every file, database and email at the block level. That means every time something changes on your website, our system checks to make sure it's secure and safe.

    Move Your Website

    Website Migration

    Your website is unique. It is different than all other websites in the world. That's why we make sure to plan everything to ensure a smooth transition to our web services platform. We take care of even the smallest details and keep you up to date as the migration happens. 


    We'll move your site within hours. With today's technology, we can move websites within a few hours, and usually, in less than one hour. Our team of experts take care of everything.


    Migrating your website is easy and free with Skystra. There's no charge for moving your website over to us. The website migration service is free on all plans and services.

    Global Infrastructure

    Global Network For Your Website


    11 Regions

    Our infrastructure spans 11 regions globally. New regions added frequently.


    Renewable Energy

    Our infrastructure is carbon neutral with a goal of fully renewable energy.


    532,915 Websites

    Over 500,000 websites trust our hosting platform to deliver content.


    1.1 seconds

    It takes only 1.1 seconds on average for a website to fully load on our platform.

    Trustpilot Customer Reviews

    Read What Our Customers Say

    Jennifer Coughlan
    6 months ago
    2 Blogs on Skystra
    Moved my two blogs to them from my old host who was trying to charge me 300% what I had originally paid. Got a way better deal and they did the migration for me, happy new customer here!
    Paul Finch
    6 months ago
    A nightmare scenario solved by Skystra
    I was having a nightmare with my last host. Email down for days at a time, forwarders to Microsoft blacklisted, sites constantly timing out, and slow service. After waiting 3 days to get a response to my support ticket I took to Twitter to hurry my ticket along. A Skystra representative tweeted me and that night I started to migrate 30 sites with various email configurations. I had been searching for weeks for a new host but I never found a balance of price, performance, SSL, and onboarding. 6 months later I am delighted with my package, all sites have never worked as fast even sites with multiple WooCommerse products. The position I was in prior to Skystra was very stressful and I cannot thank them enough for their diligence, efficiency,... Read More »
    5 months ago
    My Skystra review
    My WordPress went belly up after I updated it. I have 6 years of content there, so imagine how I felt in that moment. I contact the guys at Skystra, and they helped fix it within the hour.
    Elena Stojanovska
    4 months ago
    Stable Website Hosting
    I've been happy with Skystra generally their ticket support is quite fast and my website has no problems at all. Once my site went offline because of a plugin they actually helped me to fix it, I am grateful. Thank you so much!
    7 months ago
    Solid team solid service
    Solid team solid service, site is always up!
    9 months ago
    Skystra Hosting review
    Really awesome team and hosting...everything really sucked at my old host Site ground and a guy from Skystra's support team reached out on Twitter, they moved my sites for free and they go way faster now...they also answer my questions so that's nice too
    9 months ago
    For my blog about travel and family they are very very good!!
    Julia Gimenez
    9 months ago
    Skystra saved the day!!!
    They are so awesome and moved my blog for me which removed all the stress I had when initially looking for a new provider...thank you Skystra and Emily who reached out with the offer 🙂
    Timothy Budinski
    1 year ago
    Skystra saved the day!!!
    I keep my client sites with Skystra. I try other hosts from time to time to see what’s out there, but never with my client sites. So far, I haven’t been impressed with another host enough to move a client site over to them. Kudos to Skystra
    1 year ago
    My site
    I found out about Skystra on Twitter and started building my site on their service, I haven’t put up all my new work yet, but the stuff that’s there works!
    Daniel Libinsky
    8 months ago
    happy with them
    happy with them

    Web Services

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    Build and launch your new online website in just minutes with WordPress Hosting


    Build your online store and take orders in just minutes with WooCommerce Hosting

    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is Cloud Hosting?

    Cloud Hosting gives your high traffic websites dedicated resources on industry-leading technology & software that provides redundant server systems to give websites incredible performance, speed, global connectivity and near 100% uptime online.

    For business critical websites or those requiring fast access across the world, our Cloud plans offer one of the most efficient and cost-effective hosting solutions.

    Skystra built one of the world’s fastest Web Services platforms. Linking together high performing infrastructure, premium networks and highly customized software, websites on our Cloud plans load on average 157% faster with average page speeds of 1 to 2 seconds.

    If you want speed, scale and dedicated resources to scale & grow your high traffic websites, Skystra's Cloud plans will work wonders for your online presence.

    What are the main benefits of Cloud Hosting plans?

    Our team has years of experience with building, managing and supporting WordPress websites.

    Our Cloud Hosting platform is optimized to load WordPress websites in seconds. Independent analysis has shown that a WordPress website will load up to 87% faster on our platform, compared to others.

    The WordPress ecosystem is full of plugins and themes that can customize your website however you'd like, and our platform is ready to power your online presence.

    What is the difference between WordPress and Cloud

    Both WordPress Hosting and Cloud Hosting plans are services to build and serve your website online. The main difference is the speed and amount of resources your websites get to run online, Cloud plans having dedicated server resources and the capability of running websites at speeds up to 157% faster over traditional website plans which share resources.

    WordPress plans are geared towards accessibility and affordability. Cloud plans, given the dedicated resources allocated for high traffic websites and nature of the technology used are more expensive.

    Both WordPress and Cloud plans can host websites built on WordPress.

    Do I need to be technical to have a Cloud plan?

    Absolutely not!

    Cloud plans are for everyone and anyone who wants dedicated resources for their websites along with speed, performance and solid uptime.

    Cloud plans are fully managed, which means our team manages the infrastructure and software, to give you the absolute best technology out there for your high traffic sites, so you can focus on your website and growing your online presence.

    Do I need to own a business to have a Cloud plan?

    Absolutely not!

    You do not need to be a business owner or have a registered business to use our Cloud plans.

    Cloud solely refers to the fact that your websites will get dedicated server resources on our infrastructure.

    Cloud plans are for everyone and anyone who wants dedicated resources for their websites along with speed, performance and solid uptime.

    Cloud plans are fully managed, which means our team manages the infrastructure and software, to give you the absolute best technology out there for your high traffic sites, so you can focus on your website and growing your online presence.

    How do I get started on Cloud Hosting with Skystra?

    It's very easy! Sign up to any of our Cloud plans, register a new domain name or connect an existing one, and you'll be connected to our Cloud hosting platform.

    If you do have any questions, our Onboarding team is there by your side and ready to help as you get started.

    Will Skystra help me migrate my website?

    Of course! Our team does website migrations day in and day out.

    You get a free migration included on all Cloud plans.

    Check out our Website Migration services page to find out more.

    How do I get help at Skystra?

    Your website is online 24/7, 365 days and so is our support team.

    You can reach out to our Cloud support team on our HelpDesk day or night, around the clock, every single day of the year.

    We've got loads of guides, advice and resources to help you navigate and answer your questions to create the best version of your website.

    Have Questions? Connect With Us!

    Do you have questions about any of our services?

    37% Off Intro Pricing & 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

    Intro Pricing

    All intro pricing is discounted 37% on your first term only. Plans will renew at regular rates at the end of your intro term.

    30-Day Money-Back Guarantee:

    We want all of our customers to be happy with our services. If for any reason you find the service doesn't work for what you need, you can cancel within 30 days for a full refund keeping in mind these points: