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Skystra Care

Skystra Care Features

Fix problems

Something isn't displaying where it should? Plugin updates causing you headaches? We help fix all of that.

General Tasks

Optimization tasks and other activities your WordPress site needs to be up-to-date and running properly.


Your WordPress website running slow is not good. Our experts will take a look and give you a report of what can be done to speed it up.


Credits go towards tasks performed by our team of certified WordPress management experts. Each task performed is one (1) credit, regardless of complexity or time it takes. Our team is here to help you.



Monthly Credit




Monthly Credits


Most Popular



Monthly Credits




Monthly Credits


WordPress Tasks

List of WordPress Tasks

Plugin Management

Need to install a plugin or is an active plugin giving you a problem? We can help. Our team will review what's going on and lend a helping hand. 


Theme Management

Themes can be simple and also fickle. If a theme you have installed is giving you a bit of a headache, our certified team of WordPress experts will check it out. 

WordPress Performance

If you're not happy with the speed of your WordPress site, our team will dig into your WordPress installation and give you a report, along with recommended actions to take, so your site loads as fast as you want it.

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Administrative Tasks

Maintenance is boring. Doing that work in WordPress can take a few hours, better spent doing more productive work. We'll take care of maintaining your installation, optimizing images and setting up WordPress and its updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Skystra Care

Skystra Care is a subscription service designed to offer various tasks that are performed within WordPress. It’s a way to enhance your hosting service with an on-demand Webmaster service.

That depends entirely on you! If you need frequent tasks done per month, choose the plan that offers enough credits to cover those tasks. It will come out cheaper than hiring a developer in the long run.

A credit is a monthly subscription token, and is valid at a rate of one (1) credit for one (1) task. It is renewed monthly and do not accrue. 

Yes. We know our hosting platform better than anyone else. 

If you’d like to subscribe to Skystra Care, you’ll need a hosting service provided by us. 

Contact us. We’ll work something out with you that won’t drain your bank account. 


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