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Website Migration


Migrate Your Website For Free

Step 1 - Sign Up

To get your website(s) migrated to our web services platform, the first step is to subscribe to any of our plans. A free website migration is automatically included when you sign up.

Step 2 - Migrate

Once you are signed up, our Onboarding team will reach out to you through our HelpDesk to get details and login credentials securely to move your website(s) to your new web services account with us.

Step 3 - Done

Our Onboarding team will take a backup of your website at your old provider and restore it on your new account. Once completed, they will get in touch and let you know it's done. There is absolutely no interruption or downtime.

Website Migration

How It Works

Our certified migration experts will move your website for you, quickly, easily, and with no downtime at all. Everything gets moved over as-is including all of your content and media files.

$49 FREE / migration


We plan every website migration down to the smallest of details. Your website will never go down during the transition with our team.​


Once a plan is made, we'll communicate with you how things will go and keep you updated along the way. Communication is key.


Moving your website with Skystra is easy. We'll perform the migration in just a few hours and then your website will be live on our web services platform.

Core Features

Website Migration


Your website is unique. It is different than all other websites in the world. That's why we make sure to plan everything to ensure an easy and smooth move to our web services platform. No stress and no downtime.


We'll migrate your site within hours. With today's technology, we can move websites within a few hours, and usually, in less than one hour. Our team of migration experts take care of everything, down to the last detail.


Website migrations to our web services platform are free and fully managed. We know that changing providers can be stressful, we want to give you a smooth transition. That's why we make website migrations free and do them for you.

Website Migration

By The Experts

Website migrations don't need to be stressful. Just like you can hire experts to move into your new house, we take care of migrating your entire website for you. We do it carefully and treat your data with respect. That's why we test everything before we bring it online on our web services platform. We make sure everything works exactly like it should before completing the migration. You will have absolutely no downtime or interruptions during your website migration to Skystra.


Every good website migration involves attention to detail and planning. Our migration experts plan your move down to the last detail to give you a smooth transition.


Our team believes communication is the cornerstone of quality service. No other time is more important to communicate than when your data is being migrated, which is why we communicate every step of the way.


After migrating your website, our experts test and re-check all of the work done during the migration to ensure everything works as intended and that your website looks exactly as it should on our platform.


Having an expert team take care of your website migration means you can enjoy and relax while it's done. Kick back and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while our team moves you over!

Frequently Asked Questions

Website Migration

Our migration team will move your website from a cPanel control panel or any non-cPanel based platform to ours. The migration will include your website files, databases and emails (if applicable). We will move an exact copy of your website. We won’t modify any files or designs. 

We will migrate any website you require moved to our platform on our Website Migration service. If you have any special requirements, discuss them with our Onboarding team or get in touch with us and we will always work something out!

Absolutely! We make the same tools we use to move websites available to you within your control panel. If you know how to move your website and feel confident enough to do it on your own, you have the tools you need to get the job done right.

There are some websites. Most notably, those made by proprietary and closed-source website builders. As much as we’d like to migrate those website for you, the website builder companies make it very hard to leave their service by locking your data up. That said, when in doubt, get in touch with our team and we will let you know if we can migrate your website or not.

Not at all! We take an exact copy of your website, and do not make any changes to the website or the old hosting service. Everything stays up and running during your website migration. There is absolutely no downtime on your site while our team moves it to your account with us.

Yes. Our website migrations are provided as part of your web services with us. You will qualify for a free website migration only by subscribing to our services.