WordPress security on Skystra Cloud

Sep 20, 2019

WordPress is the most popular website content application in the world, by a wide margin. It’s an amazing piece of software, that allows people to have blogs, online stores, intranets and more. And that, because of the ability for WordPress to easily select hundreds of thousands of themes and an equal amount of plugins. That amount of flexibility will always create a target for hackers.

We take security very seriously. A hacked website doesn’t just mean the website is hacked, it means it’s also infecting its visitors. No one wants that. That’s why we include built-in security for free across all of our plans. 

The main component of our security system is our web application firewall. It runs a layer above your website, very similar to a shield. It blocks all incoming hack attempts before they ever reach your website. 

Check out a statistics chart that shows how many hack attempts that were blocked by the firewall on a customer’s website

The second component is our malware scan and removal. We move many websites to the Skystra Cloud platform, unfortunately, lots of them are hacked while the website is hosted by another company. Part of our website move service also includes running the website through a malware scanner and removal system. This will scan all files for malware and remove them, cleaning out the site and placing it on our secure cloud platform. 

The third component is an artificial intelligence system that combines the hacking attempts across our entire infrastructure and constantly builds new lists of threads and bad actors. This data gets crunched and updated across our infrastructure to further secure it in real-time. 

We’ll always take security seriously. There is no place for complacency when it comes to protecting your data. Our Cloud platform will keep your website safe.