What you can do with Skystra and Managed WordPress

Jun 24, 2020

Running a business can be overwhelming as you have to keep tabs on marketing, R&D, content creation etc. all the time. Managed WordPress hosting with Skystra basically takes the burden off your shoulder so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business. Performance is a crucial aspect in determining how successful your website is. You don’t want your customers to have a poor experience on a slow-loading pages, or even worse: a broken website.

Let’s take a look at how Managed WordPress with Skystra can benefit your business.

Ease and simplicity

With us taking care of all the complex aspects of managing and running your site, your job becomes a lot simpler and easier. Are you a small to mid-sized business or a new startup that is just beginning its journey on the web? You’re in good hands as we manage and host your WordPress site on Skystra Cloud.

Also, moving your WordPress to Skystra is super easy. We’ll do all the heavy-lifting: photos, templates, plugins, articles, videos and everything will be moved flawlessly. Your website will stay live during the migration and we’ll test everything before letting you know that the migration is completed.

High performance guaranteed

Our environments are fine-tuned to empower the WordPress sites and deliver blazing fast speed and 100% uptime. On shared hosting platforms, this is rarely possible and that too with a lot of technical work on your behalf. Why go for all that trouble when you can enjoy even greater performance that we deliver right out of the box? We help you boost your site speed up to 135% with LiteSpeed cache so you don’t have to spend hours looking for a fast caching plugin, because you don’t need one. Our whole infrastructure is built on Skystra Generation 2 Cloud that increases your performance by up to 157%, as the benchmarks suggest.  

Automated Backups

It can be catastrophic for any business to lose data which ultimately results in higher bounce rates and low sales. We understand how important your data is and that’s why, we provide ultimate security to keep your data safe. We provide automated daily backups of your files and databases stored in separated databases. So, you can rest assured that you data isn’t going anywhere.

No Compromise on security

There is a lot of sensitive information that every online business holds. While shared and dedicated hosting services make huge claims to provide maximum security, their databases often get compromised, resulting in data leaks. With Managed WordPress with us, you get all the security you need – for free. From firewall protection to malware scanner and removal, we actually protect your WordPress website from malicious attacks and keep your business up and running.

Easily Scalable

In most of the cases with shared hosting, when a business outgrows the available resources, there’s not other option but to shift to a dedicated server. Now that’s a time consuming and hectic activity on your part and not really the best option to stick to.

We provide a variety of Managed WordPress plans and you always have the option to scale as your business grows. No matter if you are just launching your e-commerce store or it’s just a personal blog you want hosting for, we’ve got your back.  

What can you do with Skystra and Managed WordPress?

Managed WordPress for your E-commerce Store

We offer fast and robust services and our hassle-free hosting handles e-commerce stores of every size efficiently. With automatic security updates, regular backups, powerful caching with LiteSpeed, you have peace of mind for running and growing your online store while we provide all the essentials. 100% uptime and lightning speed page load times are guaranteed to boost your sales and help you grow your business.

Start with as low as $10 per month plan that lets you manage 3 websites and 10GB Cloud storage. For more information about our plans, click here.

Managed WordPress for Blogs

Do you want to share your story with the world? Or you just want to start sharing your thoughts via your personal blog? Don’t worry, we will meet your requirements with our Generation 2 Cloud infrastructure for massive scalability and faster speed.

Managed WordPress for artists and illustrators

So, you want your artwork to do the talking rather than your words? We understand your requirements. Whether you’re an individual or an advertisement agency, we have got a managed WordPress hosting plan for everyone. We let you build, create and share your unique ideas with the world while we take care of all the technical aspects, from security updates to uptime, website speed, backups and more!

Managed WordPress for education

Whether it’s a School website, an educational blog, online classrooms or a learning management system (LMS), we can easily handle all of these. Make full use of our managed WordPress platform tools to empower yourself for teaching, sharing info or mentoring your students.

Managed WordPress for business

We treat your business like our own, which means no compromises on any of the managed WordPress features that we provide. It takes a lot of time and effort to start a business. Let us take care of your online technology stack with Managed WordPress, and you focus on your business. No matter how small or big your business is, our fully scalable managed WordPress plans are suitable for everyone.