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Aug 20, 2018

Content, SEO and website optimization are some of the core services Digital Marketing Agencies provide to their clients. It just so happens that we are pretty good at 2 of those 3 things, and provide a lot of value when it comes to them. And a good part of that value comes from our Cloud website hosting platform. 

Let’s start with SEO. A lot of the work that goes into SEO comes from keyword research, solid content and lastly, the speed of the website.

Some stats to back up that statement: 

From these graphs, you can really see the difference in website loading speeds and what happens to bounce and visitor rates. For every extra second a website takes to load, there’s a noticeable decline in how many people actually visit the website, and even more importantly, how many remain on it. 

A net 12% drop per extra second of load time is horrible for business. This is where Cloud website hosting and our platform come into play. Most websites, once moved over to our platform, go from an average of 5.82 seconds to fully load, to an average of 1.89 seconds on our Cloud platform. Here are some real results of why that kind of speed matters: 

Website Optimization is the other key component to ranking and improvement on that rank. This goes back to three fundamental components: 

1 – User experience. Just because something loads quickly, doesn’t mean the user experiences the website properly.

2 – A badly optimized website will take a long time to load.

3 – A website that hasn’t been properly optimized will be hurt on benchmarks and search engine rankings. 

The Skystra Cloud platform helps with some of these. Our caching plugin will utilize all industry best practices to optimize a website. Deferring Javascript and load blocking elements, optimizing images and more, all done automatically. 

Here’s what happened to a website which was hosted on another company. We won’t name them, however they are a popular WordPress host. 


The outcome is pretty telling. Speed matters. 

Our Cloud hosting platform was specifically designed for speed and reliability, which is exactly what your clients’ websites need to outperform others in their industries. You get the customer online, we’ll bring the speed.