Litespeed vs Nginx vs Apache

Mar 5, 2020

The battle of the web servers, or as we like to call it, why Litespeed is so much better than the other guys. 

We’re totally biased here, because Litespeed is part of our Cloud platform. However, we have very good reasons to be so biased, and those biases are based entirely on fact, research and head to head comparisons. 

First, a quick intro to what a web server is: The web server is a software component (among many!) that takes your website from the files of our Cloud platform and delivers them via our networks to your customers. The faster a web server does this, the faster your content shows up on your visitor’s device. 

We’ll take a typical website on our platform. A WooCommerce based Ecommerce site that sells sports accessories. With our customer’s permission, we tested their site across all 3 web servers on our cloud based infrastructure. Nothing changed between these tests apart from the web server software. 

Litespeed : 1.3 seconds

NGINX : 1.8 seconds

Apache : 2.2 seconds

Below is a graph detailing the average Time to First Byte. Also known as the time it takes your website visitor to receive the very first piece of data from our infrastructure. This heavily influences how fast or slow your website takes to load. 

Litespeed : 0.13 seconds

NGINX : 0.44 seconds

Apache : 0.49 seconds

The last metric we care about as a website hosting company is how many concurrent connections a web server can handle without ever crashing or slowing down. This means busier websites can sustain higher traffic levels for longer, without any negative effects.

Litespeed : 632 visitors per minute

NGINX : 488 visitors per minute

Apache : 357 visitors per minute

Across the 3 more important metrics we, and our customers, care about, Litespeed comes out ahead, sometimes by significant margins. We invest heavily in having the best Cloud platform, one that delivers content at blazing fast speeds, and our Litespeed powered web server will quickly deliver your website to your audience.