How Skystra moves websites

Nov 19, 2019

Website moves don’t need to be scary. In fact, they’re really easy with us. In short, we do everything. We’ll take a full copy of your website, and move it to our Cloud. All in a few hours, and your website will never go down.

How does it all work?

First, as with anything that involves your online presence, we communicate with you. This is the key to our website move service : Communication. We communicate with you from beginning to end, and always keep you updated. 

We’ll begin by getting the logins for your old hosting company. Don’t worry, we delete them once we’re done. We’ve moved thousands of WordPress installations over the years. One of our experts logs into your hosting control panel, or WordPress dashboard, and starts by taking an inventory of everything that’s there. This includes content, posts, images, themes, plugins and everything else. 

Once we get a lay of the land, we plan the move with you. With all the details confirmed, your website move begins. Note, your website will never go down with how we move websites. We’ve developed new techniques to keep everything up while the move happens. 

With all the data moved over, we then test, and test again. We visit your website on our Cloud systems, and have multiple people in the team also visit the website and click around to make sure everything works. Think of this like crowdsourced testing!

At this point, if everything looks good, we enable SSL on your website and direct all traffic to use https. This keeps your website visitors secure.

And finally, we ask you to point the nameservers over to our Cloud. If we can do it ourselves within your hosting control panel, we’ll ask your permission and do it for you.

Give it a few hours for the internet to update everyone on where your site is now hosted, and you’re good to go.

And that’s it! Website moves made easy.