How Skystra Hires Remotely

Skystra’s been a remote-hybrid company for a long time. We’ve always been remote, and in the most recent years, we’ve been implementing a remote “hub” approach, where everyone can always work from anywhere they want, and we have pockets of people within each area who can meet up and work from the same location, if they’d like.

So how do we hire people remotely, how do we interview them and how do we review and rank each candidate, all without ever meeting them? 

1 – Automated Hiring Process

By hiring all over the world, we have a lot of people applying for a limited amount of open positions. We only have a few team members who can review and interview everyone, so we use algorithms, keywords, some artificial intelligence and location to filter who we send our pre-interview survey to. 

For example, if we need a backend developer, and we’d like to mix it up in an area we have fewer people in, we’ll narrow down the incoming applications to that area, with keywords matching the skillset. However, and this is a big one, you never skip over excellent candidates, no matter what you’re looking for. So your recruitment AI needs to be smart enough not to discard really solid candidates. 

2 – Pre-Interview Survey

No matter how much you filter your candidates, you need to learn more about them, before interviewing them. This is where we apply a bit of psychology to our process. We’ll ask some seemingly very random questions or describe scenarios that have nothing to do with our industry or company. This is the part we’re most interested in. It tells us who the person is, how they think and what would they do in some crazy scenarios.

Something like this question : 

“You’re on a train, bcause of an emergency, the train doesn’t stop where you needed to get off. The next stop is 6 hours away. You need to get to a critical meeting in 2 hours or else there’s significant business risk. What do you do?

There’s no right or wrong answer. There’s possibly not even a sensible answer. What we’re looking for is the thought process behind the answer. Just have fun with the answer. We’re looking for people who align with us, but don’t necessarily think like us. We’re always looking to add smart people to our team. 

3 – Interview via Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, you name it

We’re not fussy on the platform we talk to candidates on. Whatever is most convenient, and we let them choose which platform they’d like to talk on. This way, we don’t waste any time on the technical side of things. A microphone not working, or webcam not working, maybe the browser doesn’t have the extension installed. Sure, these things can happen on someone’s preferred platform, but usually, this way works better.

Our live interviews are 10-15 minutes. By the time we get to these, we know who the candidate is, and we’re just looking to get a feel for them. It’s a discussion, a meeting, not really an interview at this point.

4 – Offer

If we like the person, we send an offer out that same day. We have no intention of letting someone we want on the team waiting around for an offer. We create it and send it off right away.

That’s how our hiring process works at Skystra. From the time an application is submitted, to the time an offer is made, the average length of time is 3 days. More if the interview stage is pushed back for whatever reason. When good people find us, we don’t wait to get things going.