How Skystra cloud speeds up websites

Feb 19, 2020

We often get asked by prospective customers about what we can do for their slow loading websites. A slow loading website is one of the worst feelings in the world. Imagine buying a sports car, and because of the gas you put into it, it barely moves forward. 

We’re that high octane gas that will make your website go as fast as it should. The question is…how?

Optimized WordPress Platform

We’ve built one of the world’s fastest WordPress platforms. Linking together Generation 2 Cloud Infrastructure, premium networks, web servers, and more, WordPress has never loaded faster than it does on our Platform. 

Below is a quick comparison of a typical WordPress site that receives 10000 visitors per day. The comparison is the load times on our platform vs others.

And here are the error rates. This usually means the company hosting the site can’t handle the traffic being sent to it. The testing stopped once an error loading the website was reached.

The second component to our performance advantage comes from the web server we selected. Litespeed is the fastest web server software out there. It’s a great compliment to our Cloud infrastructure and helps deliver website content efficiently.

And finally, the third big component is caching. Caching is when the infrastructure your website resides on keeps in memory your entire website, and instead of generating a new version for every visitor, even when you didn’t change anything, shows your visitors the version in memory. This speeds up your website significantly. 

And this isn’t all. We’ll go into even more detail soon. We always review our systems and our development team is constantly testing new technologies, all in the name of website and platform performance.