How Skystra cloud improves conversion rates

Mar 20, 2020

Ecommerce is growing at an exponential rate. In fact, it’s growing so fast, that nearly all revenue growth for companies come from their online stores. In addition, there are over 3000 new online stores being created each day. 

How do you stand out from everyone else and get really solid conversion rates? I won’t pretend to know all the answers, especially not in one blog post, but I do know conversion rates depend heavily on how long it takes your shopping cart to load for your customers.

The average online shopping cart takes over 3.5 seconds to load just the first page. While that sounds pretty good, take into account some widely accepted research…every second above two, results in a 7% drop in conversion rates. If you stick to the average 3.5 seconds, that means over a 10% drop in the conversion ratio of the online store. That leaves a lot of money on the table!

How do we help with that? One thing we do is provide solid Cloud powered performance. Take this WooCoomerce based Ecommerce store prior to being moved to Skystra Cloud: 

3.9 second load time with a 12.1% conversion rate. This is a store that sells really cool t-shirts! 

The day we moved that site to our platform, load times dropped to 1.7 seconds, and conversion rate increased to 16.2%. For this specific store, that resulted in hundreds of dollars more per day, and a lower cost of acquisition. 

Ecommerce is a growing sector. Growing your customer base is key to every business. Having your store reliability online and performing quickly are key to improving your online store’s success.