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How Skystra Built a Successful Customer Service Team

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Amazing Customer Service.

Those are words we all hear every day. We hope to receive amazing customer service when we talk to any number of our providers in this day and age. The sad truth is that only a few companies really understand what those words mean, and even less execute on them. 

It’s our sincere hope that we do achieve the understanding of those words and execute on them. Every single day.

Here are the top points on how we work on providing our version of amazing customer service.

1 – Be a human being

It’s easy to forget, but we are all human beings. What do you human beings have that no other technology can even come close to replicating? Emotions. 

Every team member who works at Skystra must have empathy. And not only our customer service team. Everyone. We are all here because of our customers, and so the approach to every problem, the solution to every problem, starts with empathy. 

We put ourselves in our customers’ position. Sure, we’ll see the same question dozens of times per day. That’s what supporting customers is like. However, for our customer who is asking the question, they need the help. They need the answer, and to them, in that moment, it is the most important question they have. 

So we treat it as such. We care. 

2 – AI has its place, and it’s not everywhere

Artificial Intelligence and by extension, Machine Learning, have made huge strides. However, that doesn’t make them anywhere near equivalent to a human being. To this day, chat bots and AI cannot understand a problem someone has, unless that person spells it out for them. They don’t have any empathy or troubleshooting skills. 

That’s why we keep all in-house AI reserved for mundane backend tasks. We attempted to put a bit of AI in the customer service side of things, and the result was… not good. Customers actually started getting frustrated pretty early on in interactions, and even though we spent a lot of money and energy into trying to make the AI be more human-like and added a bunch of decision trees our data supported, it just didn’t work. 

Human beings are still the best at figuring out and solving problems. And in our view, that won’t change for a long time. 

3 – Passion

To do something well, you just have to be good at it. To do something exceptionally well, you need to have passion for it. Hosting websites, at least to those in the industry, doesn’t seem like much. But when you look at what a cloud hosting company does behind the scenes, you’ll find a ton of passionate people who all love what they do. 

And that is true for customer service too. This section is too long for just one blog post, but one of the things we do really well, is hire people who are passionate. And we truly have an extremely dedicated team in customer service. People who genuinely love being helpful and seeing their efforts go towards fixing problems right on the spot. Make no mistake, this is a rare skill set to find. Lots of people are passionate, but those who are truly passionate about helping others, and solving their problems, are so very rare.

And that’s what makes these people, this team, our company, so very good at what we do. It’s not just the technology, it’s first and foremost the service. You can copy technology, you can’t copy service.