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What Goes Into a Product Launch at Skystra
Launching a new service is always exciting. So why is it we only have 5 services, along with a few addons? Companies in our industry tend to have dozens of...
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How a Marketing Budget of $0 Helped Skystra Grow
Marketing budgets are a funny thing. Some companies view marketing as an upfront cost of customer acquisition. They look at things on a longer view, the so-called “lifetime value” of...
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Top 3 Tips to Providing Amazing Support
I’m often asked about how we provide customer service. As a general guideline, our support and service can be summed up by “doing the right thing”. As cliche as that...
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How Skystra Hires Remotely
Skystra’s been a remote-hybrid company for a long time. We’ve always been remote, and in the most recent years, we’ve been implementing a remote “hub” approach, where everyone can always...
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One Word to Define the Early Years: Perseverance
Skystra’s early years, looked at through the lens of nostalgia, were some of the best years in my life. Hard work meant new customers, and new customers meant more budget,...
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What is the 80/20 Rule of Customer Service?
The 80/20 rule, otherwise known as the Pareto Principle, is a very widely known rule, which simply states, 80% of your outcomes are decided by 20% of the causes. This...
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Why Every Customer is Not a Customer
Every customer is not a customer.  This is a lesson I learned very early on in Skystra’s history. As one of the people who founded the company, I had to...
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How Rapid Iteration Saved Skystra
The early years at Skystra, just like at most companies, are full of unconventional stories and challenges. One constant at Skystra has been the need to pivot, change, update, revert,...
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How to Retain Customers on a Subscription Service and Get Them to Renew
Once you convince customers to pay you for a service, your next big challenge is getting the renewal. The clock for that starts ticking immediately after the first sign up...
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How to Get Customers on a Subscription Service
Recurring subscriptions are the lifeblood of every single company. Even companies who sell only products, actually sell recurring services as well. Think of your mobile phone. When you bought the...
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