Daily Backups for your website & email


Backup Your Data


Our backups take a daily snapshot of your website, files, databases and emails and stores them for you. Need to restore? You can restore your full account or specific files and emails instantly with a couple of clicks.


Your stored backups are kept on a completely different server and region from where your account is hosted. This ensures redundancy and constant availability. If anything happens, your backup data is safe.


We don't just store one version of your old files. We store all of your data on a 14-day version history cycle, which means you can go back and restore your files, databases and emails from a day, week or weeks ago.

Daily Backups

How It Works

Daily snapshots of your data are stored on separate server regions for built-in redundancy. With a 14-day version history, restore your website files, databases or emails with 1-click at anytime. Keep your data safe and secure with our daily backup service.



Restore your data instantly. Our web services give you a simplified way to restore your data. How easy? It just takes 1-click to restore any file, database, or email.


Mistakes can happen, fingers can slip. Backups cushion your landing and ensure your data is stored and under control. Get peace of mind with backups.


We store your data on our web services network, comprised of different server regions around the world. Your stored data comes with built in redundancy & reliability.

Core Features

Daily Backups


All of your website data, including all your media files and documents, are backed up by our web services platform on a daily basis. Need an older version restored? No problem, it's stored.


Databases contain some of the most critical information for your online presence. Our backup service stores all of your website databases securely across different server regions for safekeeping.


Our backup service also backs up all of your email. If you happen to misplace an email, delete one by accident, need to find an older version or even restore an email folder, we've got you covered. 


Time Is On Your Side

Press rewind on your website files, databases or emails at anytime with 1-click. Accidents can happen; sometimes our fingers slip, a website update goes wrong, or an important business email is deleted. Our Daily Backup service provides near instant recovery of your data whenever you need it. Access a 14-day version history to be able to recover from yesterday, last week or even two weeks ago. By taking daily snapshots, you always have an archive of your changes. By storing your data on separate server regions, our daily backups provide built in redundancy & reliability for your data. We keep your data stored, safe and more importantly, recoverable.


Backups are taken automatically on a daily basis, restores are instant and accessible with 1-click.


Accidents never leave dents when data is recoverable. Protect your online presence with backups.


Our backup system is quick and efficient, which means that your data can be restored in mere seconds.


Storing your data across separate server regions means backups come with built-in redundancy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Daily Backups

How often are Backups done?

Every single day. Every file, database and email you host on our web services platform are backed up to a secure server, separate from where your data is hosted to ensure redundancy and reliability.

How do I restore a Backup?

Your backups panel is right front and center of your control panel. It takes 1-click to access and restore anything you'd like.

How long are Daily Backups kept?

Up to 14 days, and each day has its own restore point, so you have access to multiple versions.

How many domains do Daily Backups cover?

All domains within one (1) cPanel account.

Do Daily Backups only work on Skystra web services?

Yes. Our backup systems are an integral part of our web services infrastructure and will only work on web services you have with us.

How easy is it to get Daily Backups setup?

Very easy. We developed our backups to work automatically. Once you subscribe to Daily Backups, your website, databases and emails are enabled on our backups system within minutes. You don’t need to do anything at all.

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