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Give your customers a new home

We’ve worked alongside entrepreneurs in the web services and technology industry to provide them with quick, simple exits that safeguard their team, values and customers.

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Dream exits

Our goal is to give hardworking founders smooth and easy exits. Start your new adventure and give your customers a new home where they will be well taken care of. Let us facilitate your exit, so you can make your dreams come true.

Our Process

Simple exits

Reach out

Tell us about your company, values and services by reaching out to our friendly and experienced team. We review every single business proposal sent our way.

We respond

You'll get a response within 24 hours with an initial set of questions. Once we get some details about your business and determine it's a good fit, we will send you an offer.

Review process

Once the offer is agreed upon and accepted, we will review your business in-depth to determine its financials and how to best incorporate your brand into our network.

Get paid

You'll get a buyout offer and transition plan after the review process. We offer straight cash payouts. Get paid for your hard work and give your customers a new home.

Move forward

Quick buyouts

Our goal is to give you a quick and easy exit that maintains your brand’s long-term viability and safeguards your customers. There are no golden handcuffs or blindspots, we provide a new home for your customers all while giving you an efficient exit for your next steps.

Cash Payouts

No fuss. No muss.

With actual clients and revenue, you’ve scaled your business. It’s profitable. But you’re considering your next move – either to start a new adventure or a new life phase. Whichever path you take, our team offers cash payouts to help make your transition that much easier.

Happy Founders


“It was hard for me to decide to sell my business. Skystra's team made the decision and process very simple. I got a buyout to start a passion project and made sure my customers were in good hands, it all worked out.”
Raquel Eberwin
"After years of running a web design and development agency while providing hosting for those same customers, I went into burnout and needed time to reflect and pivot. The offer and buyout were fair and completed within 30 days."
Bernard Holger
"After much soul searching, I was ready for a change. I decided to move past the web hosting industry and into a whole new project that would require time and dedication. I was happy to get paid for all my hard work!"
Denise Marthe

Frequently Asked Questions

We like to buy businesses that have healthy profit, a good customer base and are generally compatible with our technology stack. We’ve acquired web hosting companies, web design firms, web dev shops and even WordPress plugins. Our team is versatile and eager to buy any business that would provide value to our platform and customers.

We use a very straightforward method. Simply tell us about your business and its operations by getting in touch. If we’re a match, our team will send over some questions to get a few more details on your customers, services and financials. If we’re a fit, we’ll make you an offer that is fair and commensurate to the effort you put in to build your business and make it profitable.

No in-person meetings at all. We respect your time and will only set meetings if absolutely required. The paperwork is simple and handled by our team, our goal is for your customers to have an easy transition and for you to get paid for your hard work.

Our team has finalized deals in as little as 24 hours and up to a few days. It all depends on the size and complexity of your business. When you’re ready to sell, we are ready to work with you – no delays or back and forth. If we get the information we need, our team will give you a straight cash offer and get the buyout and transition processes rolling right away.

It all depends on your financials and services. Our team is very transparent on valuations. We will show you how we calculate your cash offer. If you run a successful business, you can expect to make a very substantial profit to invest in new projects or for safekeeping as you transition to a new life phase.

Reach out and let's talk

Open to exploring a buyout and exit? Reach out and tell us about your business!