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Technology for all

Technology is for everyone. This truly means everyone. Everything we do, from the design of our website, to the tools you have access to as a customer, are designed with the goal of universal accessibility.

Technology at its best

Technology at its best gives access, advancement and achievement to every single person. Fair access at its best. That's what we believe and live by, which goes right down to the design our platform, service and personalized customer service.


Every human being is different and has different abilities. We make every effort to ensure our website and our customer tools are fully accessible regardless of physical ability. Technology is best when everyone is treated with respect.

Ongoing efforts

We are always reviewing our platform, its tools, website and other systems to keep them updated with the latest evolving technology. Accessibility efforts never stop, they constantly evolve.


We make our online platform and services accessible to each and every single person, technology is about empowering all.


From the design of our interfaces, tools and customer service model, we strive for an inclusive model that truly includes all.


Making things easy to read and navigate is important and we strive to incorporate ease into all aspects of our service.

Providing everything that you need and more than you expect

Accessible support

Our customer service model is to treat every single customer with dignity and respect.

Accessible website

We strive to make the navigation of our website, platform and services easy for all.

Accessible tutorials

We make hundreds of visual and easy to follow tutorials accessible across our service.

"I came to Skystra because they were one of the few website hosting companies who showed they really cared about accessibility."

Becky Childs