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We're building the modern WordPress SaaS Platform

Over the years, our technology has evolved and our team has grown. Today, our WordPress platform powers over 219,895 websites in 85 different countries. We provide access to quality technology to a global audience in order to empower communities and top notch digital experiences.


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Bringing Your Ideas Online

Expertise and Performance

We understand technology and WordPress. That means you'll get access to an expert team when it comes to your website. At the heart of any SaaS and technology company is innovation, your website will always run on cutting edge performant technology.

Get exceptional customer service for your website at Skystra.
Skystra can provide you with excellent customer service for your website.
Skystra provides outstanding customer service for your website.
What's Our Secret?

The Human Element

Technology is at our core but our heart is our team and customers. Our entire focus is on our customers. This is something our team will never lose sight of. On our WordPress platform, your questions will be answered and you'll always receive exceptional service.

Our Values


Authenticity is important, as is treating our team and customers with respect. At all levels of communication, our team incorporates authenticity.


We are your website partner and our experts will accompany you on your online journey. Things are truly better together, we'll be by your side.


Our team has gratitude for our customers and strives to empower you to get online and build your website for the world to see.


What you pay us matters. We never take your subscription for granted. Your subscription is invested right back into our platform.


Our aim is to inspire and disrupt the technology market, setting a vision and course of action to provide digital tools to empower communities.


Your website is online 24/7, our team is too! We're always ready to answer your questions to help your website succeed.

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Meet Our Team

Curtis Schonick

Curtis brings over 20 years of experience in SaaS and cloud services. He is passionate about technology, improving access and using it as a tool for individuals and communities to become self-sufficient and empowered.

Tony Braun

Tony is a visionary in the cloud services and SaaS marketplaces, having partnered with major brands to build out proprietary hardware and networking systems. He believes in the democratization of technology.

Chloe Evette

Chloe is passionate about SaaS and business operations. She is a pioneer for women in tech, having worked in the cloud services industry for over 10 years. She inspires many women to have an impactful role in technology.

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