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About Skystra

We Bring Your Ideas Online

Skystra Cloud is a technology infrastructure company that aims to provide a high-performance web services platform to host your website, emails and register domain names.

Technology is at our core but our heart is our team and customers. We've built out a lot of technology and infrastructure, but none of that matters more than our customers. Our entire focus is on our customers. This is something that we will never lose sight of. We created our platform to give them the best service out there for their websites, email and domain names.

Over the years, our technology has evolved and our team has grown. Today, our platform powers over 500,000 websites in over 85 different countries. 

Everyone from photographers, bloggers, influencers, marketing experts, developers, digital nomads and entrepreneurs of different stripes make good use of our web services platform to host their online presence.

Why Choose Skystra?


Customers are the reason we exist. We do everything for our customers. Our customer service team is here for you.


Websites, email and domains are the focus of our business. From blogs to stores, we've got your online presence covered.


We understand technology and WordPress. That means well know what you'll need when it comes to your website.


At the heart of any technology company is innovation. Your online presence will always run on the newest technology.

Transparency Report

What you pay us matters. We never take your subscription for granted. This is why we created a Transparency Report so you see exactly where your dollars go. This report gives you an overall break down of how your subscription is invested right back into the platform you use to host your websites and email.

24/7 Human Support

The best intelligence isn’t artificial. We don’t use chat bots, we don’t use scripts or customer service automations. We are technologically savvy, but we're definitely not robots and will always talk to you like a human being. When you need us, we are there, 100% of the time.

27% of your subscription


Every company has to grow, and we are no different. We use a portion of your subscription to help our Sales department create solutions for our customers. Our Sales team isn’t just there for us, they are there to help you too, we mean that.

4% of your subscription


Technology is at the core of our company. Building the hardware, maintaining the network and data centers your content and emails gets delivered on are the big ticket items in this column. We also reinvest into making our infrastructure as green as possible, having made our data centers use 100% renewable energy as of 2018. We care about your data and the impact of our footprint.

22% of your subscription


We keep our marketing overheard to a strict minimum. Our marketing operates heavily on word of mouth, direct social media outreach and referrals through our Affiliate Program. Our philosophy is unique in that we don't just do marketing solely through paid ads. Rather, we look at entire industries and propose ideas on what we can do for our customers and how to reach new channels organically.

5% of your subscription


A web services platform requires a lot of software to host, manage, backup and secure data. We develop a lot of the software on our hosting platform in-house. This means proprietary software to give you the very best. There is also some very good software out there that we license and include as part of your service with us.

11% of your subscription

Research & Development

We are constantly investing and reinvesting in our web services platform. Technology never stops evolving, and neither do we. To create and power up new features, faster performance and security, we have a dedicated research & development team whose sole purpose is to create new technologies and ways for our customers to use them within their service. This means you will get access to the most innovative and cutting edge tools for your online presence available on the market.

10% of your subscription


Every business requires profit to exist, scale and grow. Everything left over from the other departments goes directly into the profit column. We don't pull any profit out though, we think it's wiser to grow and provide you better service, so we reinvest profit right back into the business. We are relentless in our pursuit to giving you the best and most reliable platform out there for your website, email and online presence.

21% of your subscription

Global Infrastructure

Global Network For Your Website


11 Regions

Our infrastructure spans 11 regions globally. New regions added frequently.


Renewable Energy

Our infrastructure is carbon neutral with a goal of fully renewable energy.


532,915 Websites

Over 500,000 websites trust our hosting platform to deliver content.


1.1 seconds

It takes only 1.1 seconds on average for a website to fully load on our platform.

Glassdoor Employer Reviews

Read What Our Team Says


"Great company and people, sometimes too fast"

Systems Engineer in Toronto, ON

I have been working at Skystra full-time (3-4 years)


Really amazing company. The work we do, and the team we have.. it blows out everywhere else I've worked in my life. Very few managers, lots of learning, and a team that has each others' backs, Love it


Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the management team at Skystra. I just wish we'd slow down just a bit, take a breather. We're always going at breakneck speeds and if I was a bit younger, maybe I'd like that more, but a little bit more calmness can be refreshing.

Advice to Management

Mentioned it already.. love everyone, love the team, love the company, just let's go a little bit slower on all of our projects and initiatives. I need a breather.

"Best Customer Service Team Ever!"

Customer Service Specialist in Santa Monica, CA

I have been working at Skystra full-time (3-4 years)


Working in Skystra's customer service team is like re-learning customer service from the ground up, their obsession with excellent proactive service makes it a complete joy to work and speak with customers, people in the team are genuinely happy and customers are too, so it makes everything a wonderful working environment. Being able to work remote gives me a lot of flexibility to balance work and life.


Because so much of the customer service culture relies on having good judgement, sometimes it's not super clear what course of action should be taken.

Advice to Management

More opportunities to meet members from other departments and also see how our projects allow the company to grow.

"Solid company and team"

Technical Support in New York, NY

I have been working at Skystra full-time for more than 3 years


Really strong teammates. I learn every day from the people I work with. Everyone is smart! The best I've had so far. Good communication from management, not amazing, but good, much better than most.


It's always go go go. Not a total problem, but it's very much a go go go kind of company

Advice to Management


"Perfect company to work for"

Director of Systems in New York, NY

I have been working at Skystra full-time for more than 3 years


Flexible schedule, awesome team, lots of new things to learn.


Nothing comes to my mind.

Advice to Management

Keep it up!

"Amazing place"

Director of Business Development in Santa Monica, CA

I have been working at Skystra full-time (3-4 years)


Everyone is open minded and we simply do the best for our customers. There is nothing more important than our customers and the entire philosophy of the company places the customer on first place. Everyone can share their ideas that can help us grow and get better and what we do.


None that I can think of

Advice to Management

Keep up the good work!

"A great place to work!"

Content Director in Santa Monica, CA

I have been working at Skystra full-time (1-2 years)


This is a company with a great culture that offers a positive work environment, excellent salary, and lots of new challenges to grow yourself as a professional. The technology is evolving, and so is Skystra, so you always have the opportunity to work on something new. Colleagues are very friendly and like to share their experience and skills to help you learn, which is a big plus in my book!


To be honest - none so far!

Advice to Management

Keep up the good work!

"Contractor at Skystra"

Web Designer in Mansoura, Egypt

I have been working at Skystra as a web design contractor (1-2 years)


Creative & Cool people Somewhat flexible schedule


None, everything has been perfect.

"Translation of online guides for Skystra"

Translator in Barcelona, Spain

I have been working at Skystra as a freelancer (1-2 years)


Absolutely professional. They answer queries very quickly. Plus, project managers are very kind as well as diligent. They gave very precise instructions, making it very easy to work with them. Also payment is very quick. It is a joy to collaborate with them.


None for the time being!

"Exceeded my expectations!"

Content Writer in Vancouver, BC

I worked at Skystra for less than a year


Communication with Skystra employees was quick and pleasant. Any time an issue came up, I had their support right away. The work itself was pleasant, an easy-to-use platform with plenty of options for photos and templates.


Nothing comes to mind. Everything went well.

"Best Cloud hosting Company with professional services"

Web Designer in Paris, France

I worked at Skystra as a freelancer (1-2 years)


One of the best web hosting company in the world. Here I get a lot of knowledge about everything related to technology, especially web design, hosting, domains, and others. Very pleasant working atmosphere. I got a lot of new things here, which added to my knowledge.


Need to add some services and features to better satisfy customers, especially products that exist today.

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